Sending Bulk E-mails With a Price range

Email assistance providers (ESPs) generally say they’re untouchable on the subject of sending bulk email messages. Nonetheless we must keep in mind that sending email messages is often totally absolutely free and with a few knowhow sending bulk emails reliably and with superior deliverability might be realized without cost. So just before we give in on the ESPs and fork out their grotesque charges, try carrying out it yourself learn more.

Ubuntu Server and Postfix come up with a very dependable, lightweight and flexible mixture for sending bulk electronic mail and when configured effectively they could easily match an ESP’s company. Even on a domestic 8MB ADSL relationship it is really achievable to send out tens of thousands of email messages per hour. My aim for this article is let you know ways to reach this with negligible price tag. I will not go into the exact clicks and instructions (it can be not a dummies tutorial) but it really might be an honest snapshot of my extremely helpful product.

For starters, you will need an ISP that is organized to provide you several static IPs. BeThere give sixteen static IPs for approximately £42 for every thirty day period such as the ADSL link. You obtain one WAN IP and 15 alias IPs. You are going to also require a dependable router able to dealing with many DMZs – I recommend the Draytek Vigor 2820.

Principally the architecture contains a fairly strong server that acts as being a dedicated virtual machine (VM) host utilizing VMWare ESXi server. The device hosts 11 Ubuntu Servers (ten focused Postfix emailing servers, one focused DNS server) each and every only needing the minimum amount RAM (256MB) and minimum hard disk space (8GB). Each virtual device is provided a local static IP (e.g. – and each Postfix server put independently inside of a DMZ. The result is 10 committed mailing servers, every single sending from a focused exterior IP (e.g. 84.252.220.two hundred – eighty four.252.220.210). Configure your firm’s domain to have a corresponding subdomain for each IP (e.g. has an A file to eighty four.252.220.two hundred, has an A document to and so forth). Talk to your ISP’s DNS staff to configure the proper corresponding reverse IP ( to and so forth). Make an SPF history utilizing the openspf project web-site and use it to the domain’s DNS server (you may need to inquire your domain’s hosting organization should they can do this).

Obtain ESXi server from VMWare’s internet site and signup to obtain the licence vital. It can be an exceptionally easy put in (assuming your device is suitable). Subsequent, install an Ubuntu VM with default configurations (naming it e.g. and put in Postfix (all over again default configurations). Configure a static IP, DomainKeys / DKIM and export the general public important towards your domain’s DNS server. Use telnet from the linux terminal to substantiate you’ll be able to deliver e-mails which have been DomainKeys/DKIM signed and SPF authenticated. Receiving every one of these to function jointly appropriately might be a bit of a nightmare so the Ubuntu neighborhood guides are priceless. Once you are prepared to examination, Google Mail is incredibly helpful for viewing an email’s comprehensive supply and means that you can validate the IP it originated from (e.g. eighty four.252.220.200), its corresponding domain name (, whether the DomainKeys/DKIM signature passed and whether your SPF history is setup effectively.

SPF, DKIM and DomainKeys passing Gmail

Congratulations! You now have a dedicated Ubuntu Postfix mailing server. Now, develop a next Ubuntu server virtual equipment and install BIND, this will likely be the dedicated DNS server (named e.g. emaildns). Configure the forward lookup to regardless of what you desire (I use OpenDNS) and exam its talents employing nslookup. Reconfigure your dedicated emailing server’s (email1 or whatsoever you named it) default DNS server to emaildns. We wish all our Ubuntu Postfix mailing servers querying here so our network just isn’t slowed down with time and bandwidth consuming DNS lookups.

The moment you are satisfied everything’s operating because it in the event you can either shutdown email1 and replica the information nine moments to clone the VM or manually install it 9 extra moments. Cloning VMs can carry up concerns like replicate NICs as well as in my practical experience when you’ve got set up 1 e-mail server the other folks just take a fraction in the time. Ensure all have the identical DomainKeys/DKIM personal crucial!

If you’re completed you’ll need 10 dedicated Ubuntu Postfix servers desperate to deliver your mail from 10 independent exterior IPs. No matter what software package you are working with to generate and send your email messages must be in a position to take care of 10 SMTP servers; Marketing campaign Company definitely can which has a smaller total of configuration.

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